Thursday, July 8, 2010

From the gospel of Smokey 12:34

Social networking is massive these days. Absolutely massive. Everyone seems to have one of those tweeter pages or something similar. Sites like facebook or myspace can carry huge amounts of personal information about you. Sensitive information. Compromising information. There have been several well documented incidents of people being caught out in varying situations by their places of work and sites like failbook are just plain hilarious to see some of the stupidity surrounding some of the incredibly dumb updates and mistakes that the idiots of this world can make. For some reason these crazies haven't heard of privacy settings. You wouldn't tell a creepy homeless dude your address, phone number, favourite movies and then brag about what you had for dinner that night so why should you have the same info open for most of the world to see.

I'll just interrupt this briefly but I am listening to 'Cat's in the Cradle' by Harry Chapin. Holy shit that’s an awesome song. So sad as well. It is about a father that inadvertently neglects his son and slowly the tables turn and as the son grows up he ends up neglecting his father. The song was written for and is partially about his son Joshua. Chapin died in a car accident at 41 and this enduring, seminal classic must be very emotional for Josh these days. Wicked song though. Check it out.

Speaking of songs what is it about Michael Buble. He is a regular on my playlists and seems to have a song for every mood I'm in. I know most of them are covers but they are absolutely amazing. From the gravely seduction of 'Fever' to the creaking, heart wrenching tones of 'Home' and onto the uplifting, playfully cheeky rendition of 'Feeling Good' this modern day Sinatra has the tools in his vocal range and styles in his look to melt his way to any man's heart. It does beg the question though of who would win in a fist fight. Michael Buble vs. Jamie Cullum. Buble has the smooth gliding edge to his vocals. He floats like a butterfly if you will. Cullum can counter this with a grittier, edgier roughness about his voice that, while still retaining a good rhythm, exemplifies a harder toughness to his songs. He is a lot smaller though. Either way it would be a good match up and the TAB would have a hard picking the odds for this one. I am inclined to go with Jamie Cullum though. His most recent album has certainly packed a heavier punch than Buble's 'It's Time' and I feel his reach is more accessible to a wider target audience.

But privacy on social networking is still very important.

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