Monday, March 5, 2012

Le Fin

The plans were in place. The preperation was impecable. The juggernaut that was Fergie Friday™ was finally coming to a close. It was time to end this.

19th January 2012
Smokey: Activating Cell 3 of 4. Code word: Sand.

20th January 2012
Emily: A long time ago in the ancient world of Egypt, lived a woman as hot as the climate she lived in. Nowadays, this superstar called Cleopatra has been reduced to little more than inspiration for bad dress-up party and halloween costumes. Fergie Friday™ has come to the rescue. Now is the time to learn about the educational, and well as entertainment value our Fergilicous Fergie has to offer.Pay attention, there will be a pop quiz.

Jamie: that is amazing!!!! :D

26th January 2012
Smokey: Activating Final Cell. Codeword: Knight. It's in your hands now Cell 4. Carry us to victory.
Jamie: please let this be Batman...

27th January 2012

Pandion Knight:
Sweet sweet Thadius! As cell 4 of 4 I have been activated to initiate Fergie Friday™. As the last of these awe inspiring occasions I am truly grateful to partake! So I gift to thee a step back in time to our younger... Noobier moments. I hope you enjoy and delight in some reminiscent memories!May we frag forever and together neighbor!

Pandion Knight signing off

3rd February 2012

Smokey: Jamie, my sincere apologies for the poor sound syncing. We tried our best but we just couldn't get it to work properly. I hope that you are still able to enjoy this, the final episode of Fergie Friday™, despite the technical failures.

Kevin: It was a challenge to masturbate to this.

10th February 2012

Katie: Chris might have posted his final Fergie Friday™ video but he has organised one final surprise for you. Happy almost-anniversary! ♥

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